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Criminal records information wasn’t always available to the public. Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, all members of the public are now afforded the right to know-and most importantly, the right to inform themselves of all information related to government actions-so, by extension, this is criminal public records.


What Public Records Information is Available?

When you decide to undertake a records search for public criminal records on a particular subject(s), there is a wealth of background records information available. You may well be wondering, what, specifically, the Freedom of Information Act makes you privy to, regarding past offender wrongdoings and indiscretions. While there are restrictions on federal records information-according to state statutes on certain crimes as well as records information that is viewed as classified only to criminal justice bureaus-the majority of criminal records information is available to one seeking it.


The most common of public interest records information with regards to offender information is: records of felonies, misdemeanors, arrests, major driving violations, convictions, charges filed, police reports, time served in jail/prison, and sex offender registry information. Chances are, if you have chosen to begin a records check for offender history, you are probably seeking one or all of the previous examples of significant public records information.


The Criminal Records Search

Public records come in a wide range of varieties based upon the individual crimes, court processes, and offenders involved in the justice system. Due to this, there are a seemingly infinite amount of kinds of public records that you could uncover as a part of a comprehensive public records search. There are public arrest records, serious offense driving records, misdemeanors, felonies, sex offenses, incarcerations, and many other kinds of law enforcement and court records that you could obtain depending on the nature of the individual case and jurisdiction in which the crime allegedly occurred. If you have never conducted a public records search, finding information that is accurate, complete, and up to date is almost impossible-due to the amount of time, money, and energy needed. This is why so many look to us: to offer them access to a means of public records search that is convenient, qualitative, and thorough.


Why Criminalpublicrecords.com?

There are thousands of online search companies that are seeking to assist you with your search for offender background information-why use us? Well, there are a number of reasons that our service stands out among the crowd. Most pointedly, the access to the information search that we offer is qualitative in that it is up to date and complete-pulled from only the most recent and authoritative offender history databases available; so the records information that you get regarding the offender history of your subject is as accurate, comprehensive, and up to date as possible.



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